Terms & Conditions

(1) Border Crossing Policy and Requirements.

At the time of any international border crossing, it is the responsibility of each passenger to have in their possession valid passports or other acceptable travel documents. For updated information on travel documents, including special groups (parents, children, and Native Americans).

Contact: US Customs and Border Protection at www.cbp.gov.

Native-born US or Canadian citizens: Enhanced driver’s License, US Passport or US Passport Card, or Nexus Card.

Naturalized US Citizens: Option 1 – Naturalization Certificate and photo ID, OR

Option 2 – US Passport.

Resident Aliens of the US: Permanent Resident Alien Green Card or Passport from the country of citizenship with the I-551 Stamp.

All International Visitors: Valid machine-readable passport with proper travel documents (I-94 card, Canadian / US Visa if required, IAP-66, J-forms, etc).

Foreign Exchange Students: Must bring along all appropriate paperwork including an IAP-66 (pink form) and an original I-20 in addition to their passport and I-94 card.

Persons 18 and under: Original Birth Certificate. If traveling with someone other than their parent / legal guardian, they should bring a letter from the parent / legal guardian giving them permission to travel to Canada.

Any passenger(s) unable to cross the border and their service is terminated and or delayed, will not be issued a refund, nor will the responsibility of return transportation be paid for or provided to the point of origin by Over the Falls Tours, Inc. Any additional transportation required as a result of being denied or delayed entry at the international border will incur additional charges.

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